Let's cook

I never really learned how to bake and cook when I was growing up. Now I think the urge to do these things is starting to hit me, but I am behind where my skill range should be for my age. Fortunately it's never too late to start learning, but I always feel as though I am wasting a lot of food when I make something that ends up tasting really awful.

I think that my biggest problem is that I am always trying to cook things from really complicated recipes. I mean, I can barely make pancakes, and the other day I decided I wanted to make a lemon rissotto. So I did. And as you can imagine, it really did not taste very delicious. Disgusting is not even descriptive enough for how bad it was.

When I get the urge to do something, I always want to go all out. Making a simple chicken dish just won't be enough for me. No, if I want to cook, then that means I'm going to have to buy all the special pots and pans necessary. I'm going to buy the best ingredients and make something that will take several hours to complete. The other day, I found myself browsing the internet for stand mixers. Why in the world would I ever need a stand mixer? I must be completely out of my mind.

As I type this, I am actually in the process of baking cookies. I've found that my baking skills are not nearly as bad as my cooking skills, thank god. But that means I
m going to be living the rest of my life off of cupcakes and cinnamon buns. Great!

This blog is inspiring me a bit.